El tango te espera (tango awaits you)

Close your eyes and take a deep breath. If you can walk, you can tango. If you slouch in front of a computer all day, you should tango. If you are a shrinking violet, you need to tango. The meaning of the significant word is a mystery; however, we like to believe it perhaps originates from the Latin ‘tangere’. To touch. Further, to feel. Experience deep feelings that lead to love oneself, a love which desires transformation.

Argentine tango is not just a dance; it is a form of self expression. It is like a puzzle which when put together appears differently each time. It is an experience of the stillness of mind graduating to spirituality. Moreover, it is universal. Whether you are a human pretzel or a creaky and stiff door hinge, you can dance comfortably. It is a secret, danced between two people, going on to become an obsession.

The service we offer you is transformation through tango. The only permanent element of life is change. We tango clients through this process of transformation effortlessly. Learning to dance tango is a process and a lifelong ritual. We assure through various workshops, events and milongas that the transformation process will be delectable. Words like “apilado” and “Vals Cruzado” will no more sound like complex delicacies but will be engrained in your cortex like basic life skills. Because that is the essence of Argentine Tango: living in an abrazo-an embrace-of who you are. The reason you swallow down that black coffee will be the invigorating evening milonga, and your deadlines will be met with a swish of the exhilarated foot. Your ability to control your body will change once you begin listening to it and adhering to its sprightly commands. The experience resembles meditation, but in motion. Tango will strengthen your will power, enabling you to travel a journey leading to your core.

They say, “Tango is not in the feet, it’s in the heart.” The dance is an immigrant and does not have a nationality; its only passport is feeling. We thus invite you to transform through Tango. Let the serendipidity of the dance work its magic.

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