Tango can save your life, and it will break your heart.

The evolution of Tango was through emotions- unintentional and spontaneous. Men who feared they would never meet their wives, that they would die among the plantations, that they would be buried without ceremony... were those who were responsible for giving birth to the dance which would change the lives of poeple for centuries to come. They would dance with bare feet and a naked heart. Only the rising sun would dull the pain of memories. Uneducated, having limited resources, their only outlet was music and dance. Tango is a mixture of this sensous, heart breaking feeling. The feeling of inevitable sadness, uncertainity and somewhere deep inside, suppressed hope.

This platform gives you the opportunity to express yourself. How has Argentine Tango inspired you? What has it inspired you to do? Be it music compositions, sketches, sonnets or comics; share your work with us. A thourough selection process will follow, after which your work will be published on our Inspirations page. All efforts, including those of the Compadre, are rewarded. Prizes include complimentary tango spa therapies, sessions from international maestros, milonga passes, invitations to premium tango events and more.

They say Tango is not in the feet, it is in the heart. Reveal your deepest recesses, and become a member of the Inspirations community.


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